Why you need an on-site consultant?





These days, software applications play a major part in the running of any organization.  Doing business without a properly configured technology platform could lead to ultimate chaos in an organization.


For example, a CRM software could help a business to track all those leads that are originating from different sources and an effective follow-up can be made sure. Likewise, an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software can integrate all the vital functionality of an organization and effective management of business is made possible with the maximum utilization of resources.

Whatever the case, the software needs to be selected on the basis of the current requirement as well as the future ones. Scalability, as the organization grows bigger, is one of the key issues to be addressed here. Here comes the role of a software consultant who can fine tune your business requirements and help you to choose the best software for running the business without interruption. A software consultant has the responsibility to analyze the existing system, how the business is done and help the management to decide what are the software that are best suitable for the business under review. Based on the cost consideration and other factors, the consultant could lead the management to select a customized software or a ready-made one.

Once the software selection is done, it’s now the implementation. During the implementation phase, all the basic requirements have to be studied and properly integrated to the software. Vijay Software work model requires on-site consultants to act as the intermediary between the client and our software team in Kochi, India. They review the customer requirements and after careful analysis prepare a proposal and work estimate, to be reviewed and approved by the customer before proceeding to the implementation phase. This work process prevents last minute changes of the project and resultant cost overruns.