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GInsights: Google Analytics Plugin for Statamic

Ginsights is a dynamic Statamic plugin designed to seamlessly incorporate Google Analytics data into the Statamic CMS environment, offering users a comprehensive overview of website traffic overview directly within the dashboard and more extensive reports in a dedicated secton. With an easy installation on any Statamic 3+ powered website, Ginsights empowers users to effortlessly monitor key metrics, including session and pageviews, top devices, new vs. returning visitors, most visited pages, and top referrals. Its intuitive integration ensures accessibility and clarity, allowing for informed decision-making and strategic insights.

Looking ahead, Ginsights is poised for continuous evolution and enhancement. Future iterations promise to expand its repertoire, incorporating additional Google Analytics data into dedicated report sections. These updates will further augment its utility and value for users, providing even deeper insights and actionable data points to inform strategic decisions and optimize website performance. As Ginsights evolves, it remains committed to empowering users with robust analytics capabilities within the familiar and user-friendly Statamic CMS environment.

The plugin integrates itself to the dashboard, where the user can review the traffic on various reports.

Current Report Sections

  1. Session and Pageviews
  2. Top Devices
  3. New Vs. Returning Visitors
  4. Most Visited Pages
  5. Top Referrals

 Sessions & Pageview Insights

Simple and emphasizes constant monitoring

Devices & Demographics: Deep Dive into Your Website Audience

Get a comprehensive view of your audience by combining top devices and new vs. returning visitors data.

High Engagement Pages


Turn up the volume on your website traffic! Discover which pages are captivating your audience and driving engagement

Where Does Your Traffic Come From? See Your Top Referrals!


Identify the referral sources that are bringing you the most success. Leverage these insights to expand your reach and attract even more valuable website traffic

Documentation & Installation

Below is a link to the Documentation and Installation information for the GInsights Plugins for Statamic.


Support for the plugin is done by email or by posting to our Github about the project.

Email: support@vijaysoftware.com

Github: https://github.com/vijay/ginsights