How to Integrate Newsletters To your Website





Sending out periodical newsletter is important for a successful business as it updates the prospective clients with the latest that’s happening with the company. It can be used for promoting brands and add a professional touch to your customer relationship endeavors. Having a well defined newsletter strategy will improve your customer relationship efforts.  The new product releases, upcoming events and anything matters can become the content of a newsletter.  These newsletters could also cover general aspects pertaining to an industry giving a broader outlook on the business prospective.

Integrating with a website

Integrating Newsletter management with your web site is now possible with services such as Constant Contact or MailChimp. While constant contact offers a 60 days free trial, MailChimp gives you a free pakcage that can be used for managing up to 2000 subscribers. By integrating one of these services to your website, you can enjoy seamless sending of newsletter to your clients by using APIs provided by these services. With some good coding, it is possible to integrate Newsletter signup and campaign creation from within your web application. Subscribers can easily signup from the homepage while campaign creation functionality could be integrated to the admin console, so that admin can easily send newsletters.

Improving the Effectiveness

While exploring the possibilities of maximum to reach for your newsletters, you may find it more convenient to have them published by providing social sharing capabilities.  By adding those glittering social sharing buttons to it, you can make it more easy to share by your readers.  Instead of just forwarding the Newsletter, these social sharing buttons will actually share your Newsletters making it more acceptable for the new recipients. Another area to look is the layout. A simple layout used in your Newsletter adds more compatibility to it. By compatibility, I mean the display of your layout in different email clients. A complicated design and usage of html tags may result in problems with at least some of the email clients. Different email clients interprets at least some part of those HTML in a different way or ignores the instructions completely.  MailChimp Inbox Inspection Report is a specialized service to check how your layout will look like in different email clients by providing a series of screen shots.

It’s important to note here that you should be taking some precautions so that your subscribers will not mark your Newsletters as spam causing trouble to you. Double opt-in is the best way to make sure that your subscribers are genuinely interested in your content.  This functionality, when enabled will add the new subscriber to your list only when he or she confirms the subscription by responding to an email from the inbox

Vijay software implemented Newsletter integration to web sites using constant contact and mailchimp. The biggest challenge was to come up with the right HTML that works on a wide variety of devices and email packages  (iPhone, iPad, Android smart-phones, Blackberry, Outlook Express, so on.).