Facebook Campaign

Facebook Ads is a very attractive proposition to small businesses and companies with limited resources for marketing. There are several advantages of a Facebook campaign compared to the traditional advertising campaigns.

One of the best things about the Facebook campaign is that you can create and manage at one place, all aspects of a marketing campaign (the ad creation, the audience specification, budget, reports, etc.). The Facebook ad creation tool brings a lot of resources together to create an advertisement on the fly. Unlike their comparatively dry, text-based PPC cousins (ex. Google Ads), Facebook ads can be made powerfully visual. The very best Facebook ads blend in seamlessly with user generated content like posts, videos, images, and other visual contents.

Facebook Ads allow the users to target their audience based on geographic and demographic attributes. Facebook analytics (Pixel), provides useful data about how the advertisement performed on the target audience.  This info can help you to identify the reaches of your business and fine-tune your future campaigns for better results.

Facebook Ads are remarkably affordable. With a budget as low as $5/day, you will find your ad reaching thousands of  Facebook users in a day! From our experience. a Facebook campaign consistently yields more results than that of a Google ad. because it shows advertisements where people are mostly engaged like in Instagram, Facebook posts etc. 

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