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    Is your website an attractive storefront for your business, or a bit of a mess?


    Here are the the most common website errors and issues, and how we at Vijay Software can fix them for you:


    Bugs: Over time you will find that your website does not work like it used to. Not keeping up with the upgrades of the base software (operating system, plug-ins, etc.) is often the cause. Fixes for these of bugs are easy, and important to do. 


    Performance: There is little more annoying than waiting forever for something to load at a website. This will be a major ‘turn off’ to your potential customers. Often, the fix for this is easy like cutting down the size of your files. 


    Mobile device support: With over 50% of the Internet traffic from mobile devices, it has become a must that your website should display and navigate web pages on the plethora of mobile devices out there in the world. Thanks to ‘responsive design’ and tools for it, this task can be accomplished efficiently. 


    Outdated and cluttered design: Over time, your web site may have grown with new product offerings, promotions, banners etc. making it look cluttered and difficult to navigate. The design and layout can become old fashioned over time. Thanks to the countless themes and plug-ins available in the market, the transformation of your web site with a new look and feel is not difficult or expensive.


    Limited SEO:  It is most important that your web site shows up in the results of searches done by search engines like Google & Bing. For this, your web pages should be organized with relevant keywords and descriptions. 


    Vijay Software has been in business for over 15 years, creating and maintaining websites for various clients. Contact us for a free evaluation report with recommendations.