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Coronavirus is having a marked impact on businesses worldwide. As examples:

Schools have closed in Japan and Washington state, as precautions, because at least one person tested positive for the Coronavirus. What would happen to your business, if that occurred in your county? Would you lose a significant portion of your workforce to take care of their kids?

Entire office buildings are being quarantined, as a result of one person testing positive for the Coronavirus. If your employees were restricted to their homes for 2 weeks, would your business be impacted?

Our solution:

The survival of your business will very much depend on how well it allows its employees to work remotely. To offset the Coronavirus risk, it would be prudent to review your current work processes and practices and make the necessary changes to operate efficiently in a remote work environment.

Please note that this is not simply a matter of providing Internet access to servers. The tools and practices for work collaboration, chatting, file synchronization, offline operation, etc. have to be implemented and employees have to be trained in the use of them. There may be changes to the current hardware and software configurations to be done in short order. Time is of the essence as experts are predicting the Coronavirus to peak in the US over the next few weeks.

Vijay Software can help you!
We have been business for more than 15 years and are experienced in the various aspects of the use of technology for business. Our consultant can come to your office, review your existing work environment, recommend changes, and help you to implement them. We can also provide the necessary training and technical support.

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