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Mar 23

Praveen A

Smartphone Application Development Using Phonegap

If you are looking for a full fledged framework to create Smartphone Apps in a very short time, Phonegap is the answer. This intuitive framework that could turn a seasoned web developer to an app developer by harnessing their existing web development knowledge. It makes development effort a lot easier  by drastically reducing the development time […]

Mar 23

Gijo George

Why you need an on-site consultant?

        These days, software applications play a major part in the running of any organization.  Doing business without a properly configured technology platform could lead to ultimate chaos in an organization.   For example, a CRM software could help a business to track all those leads that are originating from different sources […]

Mar 23

Jinu George

How to Integrate Newsletters To your Website

        Sending out periodical newsletter is important for a successful business as it updates the prospective clients with the latest that’s happening with the company. It can be used for promoting brands and add a professional touch to your customer relationship endeavors. Having a well defined newsletter strategy will improve your customer […]

Mar 23

Honey Joshy

Ensuring Quality in Software Development, Manual Testing and Automated Testing

Software testing is inevitable in an application development process. Testing for the windows and web based applications has different methodologies to follow. When it comes to a web application, the most important thing is to make sure that it is secured from various hacking possibilities such as SQL injection, session hacking, etc. Selection of testing […]